2013 ACE Institute Presentation Materials

Below are speaker presentation materials.  We are working to get all presentation materials on the site.

Monday, August 5                                                                                   Presentation Materials
Keynote, Gar Alperovitz  No presentation materials
Finance and Discontents                                                            Brendan Martin, The Working World  
Solidarity in our collective of life: Planet Earth. Global values for cooperative enterprises actions at the national and local level.                                                                                              Vivienne Solis Rivera and Patricia Madrigal Cordero, CoopeSoliDar R.L  Download Power Point
Building Cooperation through Popular Education                   Carlos Pérez de Alejo, Cooperation Texas  Download Power Point
Cooperative Education for Immigrant Populations                Minsun Ji, University of Denver  and Tony Robinson,  University of Colorado Denver  Download Power Point
Improving online co-op development resources                        Steve Dubb, Democracy Collaborative  Download Power Point
Co-operatives and the Journey of Lifelong Learning                                                                                                Erin Hancock, Canadian Co-operative Association Download Power Point Cooperatives and the Lifelong Journey – Handout
Mapping Cooperative Studies in Higher Education in the USA and Canada                                                                                         Chris Clamp, Southern New Hampshire University  Download Power Point
Integrating student cooperatives in Puerto Rico’s school      Mildred Santiago Ortiz, Liga de Cooperativas de Puerto Rico         Download Power Point
The All 4 Each Model: How Co-ops & Credit Unions are spreading throughout Ontario’s schools                                                             Kerr Smith, Ontario Co-operative Association  
University student  groups application of cooperative education to Latin America development projects                                                                                               Katie Cambell, Aynah  Download Power Point
The Role of the University in Cooperative Education             Griselle Reyes, Cooperative Institute of the University of Puerto Rico  
Board Training                                                                                    Jaime Cuevas Mercado , Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples de Puerto Rico.  Download Power Point
Tuesday, August 6 – Mobile Learning SessionFidecoop presentation
Wednesday, August 7
Resources from Nation-Wide Organizations                                 Tom Decker, National Cooperative Business Association and Tanya Gracie, Canadian Co-operative Association  Download Power Point, DeckerDownload Power Point, Gracie
Antigonish Movement, from Canada to Puerto Rico              Miguel Santiago Santana.  
Introduction to Crowdfunding                                                          Bob Cohen, Braintree Business Development Center

Download Power Point

Tipologías de Crowdsourcing – Handout

Will the real crowdfunding model please stand up? – Article

Crowdfunding at a glance – handout

idea me – handout

Kiva Zip borrower guide – handout


Online co-operative resources coming out of Canada                 Erin Hancock, Canadian Co-operative Association

Download Power Point

Cooperative Difference promotional postcardCanadian Cooperative Research network – Handout     

The Cooperative Trust                                                                      Theresa Hilinski, The Cooperative Trust   Download Handout

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