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ACE honors six at banquet in Amherst, Massachusetts

AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS, July 10, 2015 — Participants of this year’s Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE) Institute at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst will recognize excellence among their peers at an awards ceremony on July 14. Receiving the Outstanding Contribution to Cooperative Education and Training award is Darryl Reed of York University, a dedicated cooperative educator, researcher author, and mentor to students of cooperation. He was also part of an advisory group that helped establish the unprecedented Co-operative Management Certificate Program at the Schulich School of Business of York University in Toronto. Additionally, Reed is a director of Green Campus Co-op at York University that acts as a business incubator and increases environmentally-friendlier goods and services on campus. Reed is now past president of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation (CASC), a network of researchers and university educators. As CASC president, Reed led the 2012 International Research and Education Conference in Montreal for ACE and CASC that helped the two groups share information.   Read More

2015 ACE Institute Registration, NOW OPEN

2015 ACE Institute

Cooperative Education, Learning from Each Other, Inspiring Change

Registration is now open for the 2015 ACE Institute will be held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on July 12 – 15.

Learn more about the program, accommodation and getting to Amherst under the 2015 ACE Institute tab, or go straight to the registration site.




ACE honors six at banquet in Austin, Texas

s Association of Cooperative Educators Association (ACE) Awards banquet in Austin, Texas on Monday will recognize outstanding cooperative educators and pay tribute to a mentor of many. Receiving the Outstanding Contribution to Cooperative Education and Training award is  voted writer and journalist Lee Egerstrom of Minnesota. Egerstrom identified the movement  that the development of new generation cooperatives that encouraged farmers and ranchers to own value-added  processes. He remains active in Minnesota 20/20, a think tank about economic development, education, health care and other concerns.

The William Hlushko Award to  Young Cooperative Educators goes to Erin Hancock of the newly created Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada, based in Ottawa. It’s an organization representing the interests of co-ops across Canada in French and English. Hancock’s many accomplishments include providing online portals for boards of directors and researchers so they can share and learn from one another.

The John Logue ACE Award established in 2010 to recognize those whose educational programs, technical assistance and research leads to co-ops that promote economic sustainability is to be given to Margaret Lund of Minnesota. Lund is the principal of a consulting practice she founded in 2008 to promote co-op development. She has created or co-authored several key resources that have helped cooperative developers in the United States and Canada.

The ACE Board of Directors gives the Outstanding Contribution to ACE award to Cooperation Texas of Austin. The award is reserved for organizations that provide outstanding assistance to the association. This year Cooperation Texas, a worker cooperative development centre, was instrumental in bringing cooperative educators to the University of Texas and highlighting the work of many to involve marginalized communities.

ACE educators will also remember University of Victoria Professor Emeritus Ian MacPherson who passed away late last year. MacPherson was an energetic and engaging storyteller and educator as well as historian who captured the most important moments of cooperation in North America. He is world renowned for leading the process to redefine cooperative principles. MacPherson’s recent work included cooperation’s place in peacemaking. At a recent meeting of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation, Ontario-based educator J.J. McMurtry said MacPherson was, “always there (as) a mentor, (and) exemplar as a colleague.”


2014 ACE Institute registration, NOW OPEN!

Join us at the Thompson Conference Center on the University of Texas, Austin campus to explore cooperative education resources, research, and development projects that are transforming people, cooperatives, and communities across North America.

You can find a preliminary agenda listing speakers and topics HERE.

Find more information about accomodations, schoarships and nominate someone for an ACE Award HERE